Wound Treatments

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If you have a persistent wound on your legs or feet that fails to improve, it is critical to take the necessary steps and seek help from an accredited doctor.  These types of wounds will not heal on their own.  It is imperative to seek out proper medical care for the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.  This will help reduce the risk of infection or any long-term complications.

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Wound Treatments

Advanced Dressings

Specialized wound dressings can be ordered for patients to be delivered to their homes.

Grafts and Local Flaps

Multiple types of human (both from the patients or from a donor) and non-human grafts, “Stem cell” grafts that are available to be applied at the wound center, and local advancement and rotational flaps.

Wound VACs

Can be applied in the wound clinic as well as ordered for the patient.

Compression Pumps

Can be prescribed, ordered, and a program can be monitored for a patient.

Total Contact Casting

This can be applied in the clinic.

Compression Wraps

Multiple types of disposable wraps can be applied and ordered for patients. We work with a significant number of home health agencies to Coordinate and order nursing to patients.

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United Vein and Vascular Centers is a designated IAC-accredited vascular testing and vein treatment center. Your vein health and quality of life are important. Treatment for common vein conditions like spider veins or varicose veins are typically quick and easy, requiring no down time or hospital stays. There’s never been a better time to address your vein health issues. Most insurance providers including Medicare cover vein treatments; feel free to ask us about your coverage. We’re available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about vein health or treatment. Call us today to talk about taking charge of your vein health.

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