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The Reasons Why Your Left Leg May Be Swelling Up | UVVC

Why is only my left leg swelling? 

Swelling in the legs can be a sign that something may be wrong with your circulation and can be indicative of a variety of conditions. If you’ve recently noticed swelling, or edema, in just one of your legs, you could be dealing with a condition called lymphedema. 

Lymphedema is a condition involving the blockage of a drainage route in the lymphatic system. It results in the lymph nodes being unable to drain fluid from the body, and the fluid remains inside the body. This fluid retention most often occurs in one limb, like a leg or an arm. The causes of lymphedema include cancer treatment or the removal of lymph nodes. If you suspect the swelling in only your left leg may be from lymphedema, check out this list with other lymphedema symptoms. 

What are some other symptoms of lymphedema other than swelling in one leg? 

  • Hardness or tightness of the skin — Many lymphedema patients report feeling a sensation that can be described as hardness or tightness on the skin where their leg has become swollen. 
  • Fluid seeping through the skin — Another symptom of this condition can include experiencing the fluid that cannot drain through the lymph nodes actually coming out through the skin. 

Contact United Vein & Vascular Centers for lymphedema treatment if you’re experiencing swelling in one leg 

You don’t have to continue worrying about symptoms of lymphedema that are making your life more difficult. Our vein specialists at United Vein & Vascular Centers are here to help you. Each of our team members understands the uncertainty and discomfort that you may be experiencing, and that’s why they’re committed to helping you better understand your condition, your symptoms and the options you can use to address them.  

Our specialists can also help you find the most effective treatment option for your lymphedema and include it in a comprehensive treatment plan that’s designed to:  

  • Reduce your symptoms. 
  • Improve your ability to walk and perform other normal daily tasks.  
  • Increase your overall quality of life.  

Contact us today to learn more about lymphedema and the ways it can be treated or to set up an initial appointment.