Bulging Veins in Legs: Signs It’s Time to Seek Treatment

October 28, 2022
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

Bulging veins in the legs could occur for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons for bulging is varicose veins.  

Some non-varicose-related reasons for bulging veins include intense exercise, malnutrition, and separate conditions like vasculitis. If your enlarged veins appear during intense exercise or if you’re underweight, then it’s likely no cause for immediate concern. However, if you experience bulging veins with any of the other following symptoms, it’s a good idea to see a specialist. 

When should you be worried about bulging veins? 

  • Extreme pain — Bulging veins in the legs may be a reason to worry when they cause you extreme discomfort or pain. Having varicose veins isn’t just a cosmetic issue. They can cause pain and discomfort and, in more severe stages, can require medical attention when they cause serious pain. If your bulging veins are hurting you more than you think you can tolerate, it’s time to schedule a visit with a vein and vascular specialist. 

  • Severe swelling — Another sign you should be concerned about the bulging veins in your legs is if they cause severe amounts of swelling. If your legs have become noticeably larger than normal, this may be a reason to consult with a specialist or other qualified care provider. They can help you improve your varicose veins and your vascular health

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You don’t have to continue worrying about symptoms of vein conditions that are making your life more difficult. Our vein specialists at United Vein & Vascular Centers are here to help you. Each of our team members understands the uncertainty and discomfort that vein problems can lead to, and that’s why they’re committed to helping you better understand your condition, your symptoms and the options you can use to address them.  

Our specialists can also help you find the most effective treatment option for your vein condition and include it in a comprehensive treatment plan that’s designed to:  

  • Reduce your symptoms. 
  • Improve your ability to walk and perform other normal daily tasks.  
  • Increase your overall quality of life.  

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