What You Need to Know About Vulvar Varices

August 11, 2023
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

What are vulvar varices and how can they affect your life? 

Vulvar varices are enlarged and twisting veins that occur in the vulvar region. They are similar to varicose veins, which most often occur in the legs. Vulvar varices are typically present in pregnant women and are often seen in those who already have pelvic varices. These varicosities occur when there isn’t enough blood flow to the area or when veins suddenly come under stress to push more blood through the pelvis, which can often happen during pregnancy. 

How can vulvar varices affect your life? 

  • Can cause pressure or discomfort in the vulva — One symptom of vulvar varices is a sensation of pressure or discomfort around the vulva, caused by the bulging veins and lack of blood flow. This can make it uncomfortable to carry out even simple activities like sitting down or walking. 
  • May cause pain or discomfort to the lower back — This condition can cause pain and discomfort not only to the vulva itself, but also to the veins that extend to the tops of the thighs and even the lower back. This can make walking, sitting and standing particularly uncomfortable for patients with these varicosities. 
  • Can cause pain during intercourse — These varicosities can also cause significant pain to those who are affected by this condition, especially during intercourse.  

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