Telangiectasia: Here’s What You Should Know

November 28, 2022
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

Telangiectasia, also commonly known as “spider veins,” is a condition where blood vessels become broken or damaged close to the surface of the skin. These “spider veins” appear to be pink or red in color and can become clustered into sections on the skin. 

This condition can present itself in people who are healthy, but it can also signal some underlying issues in others, like autoimmune diseases.  

Causes of Telangiectasia

The direct causes of telangiectasia are unknown, but researchers have suggested a few different possible causes:  

  • Connective tissue disease — Some connective tissue diseases, like lupus, can cause these red and pink marks on the skin. If you have a connective tissue disease, it could be interrelated with your telangiectasia. 
  • Sun damage — Prevent telangiectasia on the face. Repeated sun exposure without the right sun protection can cause this condition for some people. 
  • Weakened blood vessels — Weakened blood vessels, which are prevalent in older adults, can sometimes be to blame for this condition.  

Should I worry about having telangiectasia? 

In most cases, it isn’t any major cause for concern. However, a vein and vascular specialist can tell you if your telangiectasia may signal an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. Vein and vascular specialists can create a personalized treatment plan to help you take care of your venous health. 

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