It May Be Time for You to Visit a Vein Clinic

August 10, 2023
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

3 symptoms that should have you headed to a vein clinic near you 

Some vein conditions may cause bulging and twisting veins on the backs of the legs. These are called varicose veins, and if they don’t cause you any physical symptoms, you can receive cosmetic treatment if you so choose. However, there are also several types of vein conditions that can become uncomfortable, and when they do — it’s definitely time to visit with a specialist. If your vein condition is showing any of the following signs or symptoms, be sure to call a vein specialist for an appointment. You don’t have to live with uncomfortable or even painful symptoms. Your condition can be effectively managed through treatment at a vein specialist’s clinic near you. 

What symptoms should indicate that I need to visit a vein clinic? 

  • Heaviness in the legs — Some people with vein conditions describe feeling no pain, but rather heaviness. Heaviness in the legs is a symptom of venous disease and can be an uncomfortable symptom to deal with on a daily basis if left unmanaged.  
  • Significant swelling in one or both of the legsSwelling is a major sign of venous disease. If you’re regularly noticing swelling occurring in one or both of your legs, especially after standing for long periods, it’s time to visit a vein clinic. 
  • Ulcer on the legs — You’ve probably heard of stomach ulcers, but did you know that you can develop ulcers on your legs, too? It’s true. One symptom of later-stage venous disease is ulcers on the skin of the affected area. If you’re developing ulcers, you should definitely consult a vein specialist. 

Contact United Vein & Vascular Centers for your vein treatments 

You don’t have to continue worrying about symptoms of vein conditions that are making your life more difficult. Our vein specialists at United Vein & Vascular Centers are here to help you. Each of our team members understands the uncertainty and discomfort that vein problems can lead to, and that’s why they’re committed to helping you better understand your condition, your symptoms and the options you can use to address them.  

Our specialists can also help you find the most effective treatment option for your vein condition and include it in a comprehensive treatment plan that’s designed to:  

  • Reduce your symptoms. 
  • Improve your ability to walk and perform other normal daily tasks.  
  • Increase your overall quality of life.  

Contact us today to learn more about your vein condition and the ways it can be treated or to set up an initial appointment. 

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