How To Repair Damaged Veins with Minimally-Invasive Treatment

August 1, 2023
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

Understanding Vein Repair Techniques

Exploring the various methods and advancements in treating venous diseases, this article delves into how medical professionals can effectively repair damaged veins in the legs using minimally invasive techniques.

How do doctors repair veins in the legs?

If you’re someone who suffers from venous disease, you may need the assistance of a vein and vascular specialist. They can help guide you through managing your symptoms and improving your venous health. Doctors and specialists can help you repair the vein health in your legs through a few different methods.

What are some ways that doctors can repair damaged legs in the veins?

  • Advise certain lifestyle changes — Your doctor can inform you of the benefits to your health associated with certain changes in habits and lifestyle choices. These have the potential to repair your vein health in your legs if fervently carried out. These include improving your exercise levels, making healthy dietary choices and quitting smoking.
  • Prescribe compression socks — Your doctor will also likely recommend that you wear compression socks or stockings. These stockings act as tools to help prevent blood and fluid from pooling in your legs and feet. The stockings also help promote increased circulation throughout the legs and lower extremities.
  • Prescribe blood thinners — A doctor may prescribe a blood-thinning medication to you if you have vein damage in your legs. The purpose of this type of medication is to thin your blood so that it can more easily travel through the veins. If damaged veins have trouble circulating blood of normal thickness, it may become a little easier if the blood thins out.
  • Perform minimally invasive procedures — Doctors, specifically those who are vein specialists, can perform minimally invasive procedures on damaged or insufficient veins. These procedures are relatively quick and easy and can be used to close off veins that are ineffective at circulating blood through the body so that it may be rerouted to healthier veins.

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