How to Dissolve Blood Clots Naturally

August 7, 2023
By United Vein & Vascular Centers®

Natural Remedies for Blood Clots

A blood clot is a painful, potentially life-threatening condition that can disturb your everyday activities and put a damper on your life until the clot has been removed or has been broken up. A blood clot, also known in the medical world as deep vein thrombosis, is a thick clump of blood that is gelatinous in texture. If you have a blood clot, you’ll want to make an attempt to deal with it as swiftly as possible, to reduce the risk of it traveling to your lungs or brain. Some prefer to do this using natural methods to dissolve the blood clot. If you want to know more, keep reading below. 

Foods That Naturally Dissolve Blood Clots

  • Eat certain foods that may help dissolve the blood clot — There are a few different foods that can potentially thin out the blood clot. These may include pineapple, kale and garlic, just to name a few. 
  • Drink more water — Drinking an increased amount of water can potentially help dissolve your blood clot naturally. Water can increase or decrease the thinness of your blood, so drinking more water may be able to thin out or dissolve the clot. 

You should always consult with a medical professional if you think you may have a blood clot. If these natural methods do not prove to be effective enough to thin out, break up or dissolve your blood clot, a vein and vascular specialist may prescribe you a blood-thinning medication to break up the clot. 

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