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Why Are Your Veins Blue? | What Makes Blue Veins | UVVC

Why are your veins blue? 

If you take a look at the insides of your wrists, you’ll likely see blue-tinged veins running through them. Interestingly enough, your veins aren’t actually blue. The reason they do appear this color is because of the light that reflects off of them and back to our eyes. Veins that are closer to the surface of the skin are more likely to appear blue, which is why that’s the color you first see when you look at your skin. 

Why should you see a specialist if you have very prominent blue veins? 

If you have overly prominent veins, this could be due to varicosities. What this means is that your veins have become unable to pump blood that enters your legs back up and out of the legs. It can be treated by vein specialists but can progress with serious complications if left untreated. Prominent blue veins are also frequently accompanied by symptoms like the following: 

  • Swelling in the legs. 
  • Heaviness in the legs. 
  • Itchiness near the veins. 
  • Skin discoloration around the veins. 
  • Raised and bumpy trails over the legs. 

If you think any of these symptoms are accurate descriptions of your condition, you should consult with a vein and vascular specialist who can help you. These types of specialists are trained to diagnose and effectively treat the symptoms of patients who deal with varicose veins and other similar conditions. 

Contact United Vein & Vascular Centers for your varicose vein treatments 

You don’t have to continue worrying about symptoms of vein conditions that are making your life more difficult. Our vein specialists at United Vein & Vascular Centers are here to help you. Each of our team members understands the uncertainty and discomfort that vein problems can lead to, and that’s why they’re committed to helping you better understand your condition, your symptoms and the options you can use to address them.  

Our specialists can also help you find the most effective treatment option for your vein condition and include it in a comprehensive treatment plan that’s designed to:  

  • Reduce your symptoms. 
  • Improve your ability to walk and perform other normal daily tasks.  
  • Increase your overall quality of life.  

Contact us today to learn more about your vein condition and the ways it can be treated or to set up an initial appointment.