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What You Should Know About Hemosiderin Staining | UVVC

What is hemosiderin staining? 

Hemosiderin is a condition that most often occurs in the lower legs, ankles and feet. The staining results from a blood protein containing iron leaking from damaged blood capillaries. The staining it causes usually looks like brown, red or yellow coloring on the skin. 

What are some causes of hemosiderin staining? 

  • Chronic venous insufficiencyChronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is one of the primary causes of hemosiderin staining. CVI is a condition in which the blood vessels become damaged and cause chronic circulatory issues. Staining is one of the symptoms that may present itself in CVI patients. 
  • Other underlying vascular conditions — Chronic venous insufficiency isn’t the only condition that may cause hemosiderin staining. Other conditions, like cardiovascular disease, may be to blame for this symptom. 

What can be done about hemosiderin staining? 

  • Get regular exercise — Regular exercise and everyday movement is a good way to help improve your circulation throughout your body. If you have hemosiderin staining, you most likely have circulatory issues, and these issues can most often improve with daily exercise. 
  • Wear compression stockings — A medical professional will likely prescribe you compression socks or stockings to help prevent blood pooling in your legs.  
  • Topical creams for lightening — Your doctor could prescribe you topical creams meant to lighten the areas of your skin that have become darkened. Topical creams are a cosmetic treatment solution, but they’re not effective at treating the hemosiderin at its source. 

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