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What to Expect During a Vein Ultrasound Exam

By September 16, 2021December 15th, 2023Vein

Are you struggling with varicose veins? At United Vein & Vascular Centers, we are here to tell you all about vein health and how our varicose veins doctor can help you get rid of your varicose veins. These veins can cause a lot of problems for people because not only are people usually self-conscious about how they look, but they can actually become very painful and swollen. Luckily, people have seen excellent results from our vein treatments, and we want you to see results as well, which is why we tell you all about them. You may have noticed that whenever people treat their varicose veins, there is a device that shows images and videos similarly to an ultrasound. This is because this device measures the blood that is in your veins so doctors can get a better sense of where and how to treat your veins. It also helps with diagnosing your veins since all varicose veins are somewhat different. Our team of doctors have facilities across the US, but we are targeted in Colorado.

More About Our Treatments For Vein Health 

You probably want to know more details about our doctors who treat varicose veins and the treatment for the veins in general. One of the main things we pride ourselves on when it comes to treatments is that we have state-of-the-art technology, so our board-certified doctors will be able to diagnose and treat your veins with the most modern technology out there. This means that you are truly receiving the best treatment possible. The device that is similar to an ultrasound simply rubs it across your legs and ankles or wherever your varicose veins are. Once we figure out what your blood flow is like and diagnose your varicose veins, we can begin treatment. Our treatment is only minimally invasive, so it will not hurt you. Also, the treatments are all performed in our office with no to little downtime, and you will even be able to go back to work or back to your home on the same day as you get treated. In terms of the cost, these treatments are covered by most insurances, but not all, so it will likely be covered for you.

Ask Questions About Your Vein Treatment

Something important that we want to stress is before the treatment begins, you will be able to ask your varicose veins doctor anything you want so that you are fully prepared before the treatment begins. We want you to know exactly what to expect before the treatment because it is important for us to be connected with our patients and to have strong communication.

The Sooner, The Better

Anyone who is struggling with varicose veins should not wait any longer to treat them. The sooner you treat your veins, the better because they can cause so much pain and self-consciousness for many people. So why wait? Our experienced doctors are ready to treat your veins with the best technology around.

Contact Us 

United Vein & Vascular Centers wants you to know about vein health and our treatments for varicose veins. You can rest assured that you will see excellent results from our treatments, and your varicose veins will be completely gone. Call or visit us today in Colorado for more information.

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