Will Spider Veins Go Away Naturally?

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Have you ever looked at your spider veins and wish the unsightly lines on your legs or face would just go away?

You may be glad to know that, while there is no cure for spider veins, there are vein treatments that make spider veins go away. In other words, treatment can make the red or blue squiggly lines disappear but one treatment for spider veins cannot prevent them from coming back in other places on your skin.

Spider veins are the result of vein disease that causes permanent damage to the vein. Once a vein is so large that you can see on the surface of your skin, there is too much damage for the body to repair.

Veins are normally elastic; this elasticity helps them push blood through your circulatory system. Like varicose veins, spider veins are bloated, enlarged veins that do a poor job of transporting blood. Instead of moving back towards your heart, blood pools inside the vein and the pressure from the pooled blood causes the vein to dilate and bloat.

You can reduce the appearance of these diseased veins, though, through lifestyle changes and vein treatments offered by your doctor. Lifestyle changes alleviate the pressure blood puts in the inside of the vein in a way that reduces the appearance of the bloated vein.

Put your feet up at night. This allows blood to drain from the veins in your feet and move back towards your heart, so there is less pressure on the inside of the diseased vein.

Lose weight. Excess weight adds pressure to the blood inside of your veins.

Exercise more. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation to reduce pooling inside veins.

Remember – these home remedies can help spider veins fade temporarily, but only a vein doctor can provide vein treatments to remove the appearance of a spider vein.

Vein Doctors Provide Vein Treatments to Reduce the Appearance of Spider Veins

Vein doctors provide a number of vein treatments to make spider veins disappear. Unlike home remedies that simply reduce the dilation of the affected vein so you cannot see it as well, vein treatments permanently close the diseased vein so it does not appear again.

Vein treatments for spider veins include laser treatment and pulsed light therapy. Laser treatment uses the power of light energy to excite the interior of the affected veins. The stimulation of the vein tissue causes the vein to swell and seal closed. The treated vein breaks apart, and your body absorbs the remnants. Blood simply moves through nearby veins as the treated spider vein fades.

Transdermal laser treatment, also known as pulsed light therapy, uses pulses of light to stimulate the closure of the affected vein.

Treatment for one spider vein or group of spider veins will reduce the appearance of the treated veins, but treatment will not prevent the development of spider veins in the future. For more information about spider veins, consult with your vein specialist.