Why You Should Schedule a Vein Doctor Checkup

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Routine physical exams, vision evaluations, dental checkups – at some point in our lives, they become part of the fabric of daily living. And it’s easy to see why: For years, family doctors, eye doctors and dentists have been promoting the importance of routine assessments, especially as we start to experience the effects of aging. Unfortunately, our vascular health rarely gets the same attention. Outside of having blood pressure checked during a routine physical, most of us never have a full vascular evaluation, even after we begin experiencing issues like varicose veins, spider veins, numbness or other telltale symptoms of vein disease.

But is a vascular “checkup” with a vein doctor really necessary? Yes, and here’s why:

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Checkup With a Vein Doctor

  • Many vascular diseases can be difficult to spot until they’ve reached more advanced stages. This just makes sense – after all, our blood vessels are located beneath the skin where they can be difficult to see. Sometimes they send out a “warning signal” like a spider vein or varicose vein; other times, symptoms can be much more subtle. Having a vascular checkup helps spot issues early before they become advanced.
  • Blood vessel diseases can interfere with our routine daily living, taking a toll on our quality of life. Many diseases cause pain, stinging, burning, numbness, and other symptoms, as well as sores that are slow to heal, significantly increasing the risk of developing serious and even life-threatening infections.

  • Some vascular diseases can interfere with organ or tissue function, causing more serious medical problems down the road. Our blood vessels provide oxygen and other important nutrients to every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies. When their function is impaired even a little, it can have a major impact on the rest of the body. Scheduling an appointment at the first sign of symptoms, including those first tiny spider veins, is essential for identifying a more serious underlying issue that could interfere with overall health and wellness.
  • Vein treatment can be much less complex when a vein issue is diagnosed early. Like any other medical issue or disease, early intervention typically can be performed using minimally-invasive or even noninvasive approaches. Plus, talking to a vascular surgeon early is the best way to implement lifestyle changes that can help keep your blood vessels healthy.
  • Blood vessels undergo changes as we get older, and having a routine assessment at the first sign of symptoms provides important baseline information that can help your vein doctor spot important changes later so treatment can be provided as early as possible.

Tampa’s Leading Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Wazni is a top-rated vascular surgeon in Tampa, offering the most advanced vein treatment options using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, Dr. Wazni helps patients identify vascular diseases in their early stages so treatment can be initiated as early in the disease process as possible. Plus, he’s skilled in providing important lifestyle guidance and intervention strategies aimed at promoting healthy veins at every age. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, fill our our contact form or call (813)257-9444 today.