Varicose Veins and Joint Pain: Are They Related?

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Both varicose veins and joint pain tend to occur more commonly with age. In fact, millions of men and women suffer from aches and pains in their knee and ankle joints, as well as bulging varicose veins in their lower legs and feet. But are the two related? And can a single treatment offer relief for both medical issues? The answer is, it depends on the type of pain you’re having.

Varicose Veins and Joint Pain

Varicose veins are a sign of vein disease that most often occurs when the tiny valves inside your veins stop functioning properly. Normally, these tiny valves work in unison to help keep your blood flowing in one direction in your veins – back toward your heart. But age, disease and other factors can wind up damaging the valves. As a result, blood flow is slower, and blood can pool up inside the veins, stretching vein walls and causing ugly, bulging varicose veins.

That ugly appearance is just one sign of varicose veins. Other signs and symptoms include aches and pains in your legs, feet, and ankles, often accompanied by feelings of heaviness in the legs as well, especially during physical activity like walking.

Joint pain is most commonly associated with osteoarthritis, although other issues can also cause painful joints, including chronic diseases like lupus. Although the painful symptoms of both varicose veins and joint-related diseases may at times feel very similar – especially during physical exercise or strenuous activity – in fact, they’re almost always unrelated. That means that while varicose veins can’t cause joint pain specifically, they may cause similar symptoms that can make joint pain feel more severe.

Vein Treatments

Both varicose veins and joint pain tend to occur more often as we get older, and they may also be more common among people who are overweight since excess pounds place pressure on our joints as well as our veins. So how can you tell when your pain is caused by your veins and not your joints? By having a vein doctor perform a physical exam and a vein evaluation.

Many varicose veins are visible, but sometimes, diseased veins are located deep below the skin where they can’t be seen. Having a vein evaluation is the best way to identify deep vascular problems so you can receive vein treatments optimized for your needs. Today, cutting-edge, same-day vein treatments like laser treatment, radiofrequency treatment and sclerotherapy can be used to eliminate varicose veins and their symptoms without interfering with your busy lifestyle. Treatments are quick, and in most cases, you can get back to your regular activities within a day or so of your treatment. Plus, treatments can be combined and tailored specifically for your needs to ensure optimal results.

Improve your vein health – starting today.

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