Using a Duplex Ultrasound for Diagnosing Varicose Veins

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duplex ultrasound

If you’re in need of help where varicose veins are concerned, there are several treatment options to consider. Before you can be treated, though, it’s important that you’re diagnosed correctly. What you think is varicose veins could be something else, so you want to be sure before you proceed with any kind of procedure. That’s where a Florida vein doctor comes in. Seeing a doctor at a Tampa vein clinic can help you get diagnosed correctly.


Among the best ways to diagnose a person with varicose veins is through the use of a duplex ultrasound. This is performed using standard ultrasound technology coupled with Doppler technology, so as to see the blood actually flowing through the veins. Doing that means the doctor can determine whether the blood is flowing fast enough, and how much blood is moving through the vein being examined. With that information, the doctor will then be able to determine what kind of treatment would be best for your particular varicose veins.

If there are other health conditions contributing to the vein problem, these may also need treated. Once that has been done, and the ultrasound has been used to make a complete diagnosis, vascular surgeons can address your varicose veins and start treatment for them. With the results of the ultrasound, your Florida vein doctor will know exactly what veins need to be treated, and what kind of treatment will be the best choice. There are injectable solutions that can be used in some cases, but most varicose veins require surgical intervention.

Even with surgery, your Tampa vein treatment will still be minimally invasive. You can generally go back to work and resume your other activities quickly. There’s no hospital duplex ultrasoundstay, and some rest will often be all you need. Of course, you want to follow your doctor’s advice and make sure you understand the aftercare instructions from the Tampa vein clinic. By making sure you carefully follow the instructions, you’ll have the best chance for proper healing with no complications. Having experienced vascular surgeons can also help when it comes to higher success rates.

While the idea of undergoing Tampa vein treatment may make you nervous, there’s very little risk with the procedure. Mostly, you can look forward to a proper diagnosis with the ultrasound and then a good treatment plan that will take care of your varicose veins. Since these veins can be unsightly and can also cause your legs to ache, itch, and feel heavy and restless, you’ll have a lot of relief once the treatment is complete. That can help you get back to all the hobbies you enjoy, and have less pain and discomfort, as well.