United Vein Centers Testimonial – Sam

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United Vein Centers Testimonial – Sam


Interviewer: If you’re experiencing leg discomfort like swelling, redness, and itching, you should not ignore it. These could be symptoms of a serious vein disease. This is what happened with our next guest, Dr. Gamal Wazni from the United Vein Centers is here now with his patient, Samuel Davis. Hello, Sam. Hello, Dr. Wazni.

Sam: Hello.

Dr. Wazni: Hi.

Interviewer: Nice to have you back.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you.

Interviewer: Let’s talk specifically about Sam’s case here, because it was different than a lot of the other ones you see isn’t it?

Dr. Wazni: Correct, it is different. There’s still a lot of patients out there with this. What happens in Sam’s case is that the vein disease caused so much accumulation and pooling of blood in his legs that it developed swelling, redness, and scaling of his skin.

Interviewer: We’re looking at it right now.

Dr. Wazni: If you take a look at his legs, you can see they’re red, they’re swollen, and there is some flaking, and that’s from the constant pooling of blood from the bad veins in his legs.

Interviewer: Okay so, what makes this different than some of the other patients that you see?

Dr. Wazni: Some of the other patients have the obvious bulging veins, and in his case he did not have those.

Interviewer: Sam, you let this go for, what, the better part of a year?

Sam: Yes.

Interviewer: Now why was that? You couldn’t even get your shoe on, could you?

Sam: When it got to the point to where all I could do was wear flip flops, I said, “No. I need to get this fixed.”

Interviewer: And you love to go out and dance don’t you?

Sam: Yes.

Interviewer: So that really was hampered by what was going on with your legs.

Sam: Right.

Interviewer: So we had to get you back up and dancing.

Sam: Well, just walking was something. Just something like that is great.

Interviewer: Yeah, exactly. So it was that painful. All right, so Sam comes in to see you…

Dr. Wazni: Correct.

Interviewer: …what did you do first? How did you treat him?

Dr. Wazni: We used ultrasounds to identify where the bad veins were in his legs and then using medical lasers, we closed the bad veins and that took care of his problems.

Interviewer: Just like that?

Dr. Wazni: Yes.

Interviewer: All right, so Sam, how quickly did you feel better after you saw Dr. Wazni?

Sam: Oh, how long…how many sessions did we have?

Dr. Wazni: About four sessions, and then he started to feel better about three or four weeks after that.

Interviewer: All right what’s the disease called that Sam was suffering from?

Dr. Wazni: Venous-Stasis Dermatitis.

Interviewer: Venous-Stasis Dermatitis.

Dr. Wazni: And that is from vein disease.

Interviewer: Now can you have the bulging veins as well as this disease? So you can really get lucky, if you will, and have a combination?

Dr. Wazni: Yes you can.

Interviewer: Oh God, so that must be so gosh darn painful.

Dr. Wazni: Yes.

Interviewer: So are you up and dancing again?

Sam: Yes, well I have to find a partner but other than that.

Interviewer: Oh, well wait a minute, we can help with that. Let’s do a dating game with Sam.

Sam: There we go.

Interviewer: See, you could have a whole other side of your business, right.

Dr. Wazni: There you go.

Interviewer: Now we have to point out that a lot of this, people worry sitting at home, “Okay I might have this thing,” they might be holding their legs right now saying “Gosh I need this help.” Is this covered by insurance?

Dr. Wazni: Yes, it’s covered by all major carriers and like in Sam’s case, he looked into his carrier and, again, it was accepted. It’s covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and all the common carriers.

Interviewer: That must have been a huge relief for you?

Sam: I couldn’t have done it otherwise.

Interviewer: All right, well we’re happy you’re up and dancing. We’re gonna get you…ladies, Sam is available.

Sam: Here, here!

Interviewer: We can put you in touch. Dr. Wazni, thanks so much as always. Now you can see the dates for the upcoming vein screenings right there on your screen, and for more information you can call 1-800-VEIN-DOC or just go to their website UnitedVeinCenters.com. Glad you’re feeling better Sam. Dr. Wazni always a pleasure.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you, thank you, Sam.

Interviewer: All right, we’ll be back with more Daytime after this.