United Vein Centers Testimonial – Ola

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United Vein Centers Testimonial – Ola



Cyndi: Varicose veins can cause pain, cramps, and restless legs. But thanks to laser treatments you no longer have to live with this discomfort. Dr. Gamal Wazni from United Veins Centers is back with one of his patients who has undergone this treatment, Ola Joseph. Good to see you both…

Ola: Thank you.

Cyndi: …Dr. Wazni and Ola, welcome to Daytime.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you.

Ola: Thank you.

Cyndi: So let’s talk about vein disease first of all, varicose vein disease and what kind of symptoms this can present.

Dr. Wazni: The symptoms could be aching in the legs, having a swelling after a long day, cramping at night that wakes you up, and restless legs.

Cyndi: Well, tell us about Ola here. What did she come and bring to you?

Dr. Wazni: Ms. Joseph presented to our clinic with pain, aching, cramping, and restless legs. As a matter of fact, she’s been suffering from restless legs for many years and it was getting worse as the years went on. So she went to her primary care physician and she was given a prescription, ropinirole, a very common drug given for restless legs. She took the medication but realized that her restless legs were just getting worse, starting even earlier in the day. So she felt like she needed to take the medication earlier but then it was wearing off.

Well, she heard about our clinics, came in, and we examined her legs by ultrasound, and found out that she has vein disease which is causing her restless leg, her pain, and her cramping. So we performed some laser treatments on Ms. Joseph, and as a result her pain, her cramping, and her restless leg all went away and she’s now off the medication.

Cyndi: And what brought you to Dr. Wazni in the first place? Why did you think, okay I have to try another alternative apart from just taking this medication?

Ola: Well, restless leg can be really, really bad. People don’t realize how restless your legs get. I mean your legs are just dancing, especially at night, it keeps you up, it’s very uncomfortable. And I had seen his ad on TV and I thought, well, go for it and see what’s there, and if I have it I would do anything to get rid of the restless leg syndrome. It’s very uncomfortable, very annoying, and so I went and within two weeks after my procedures my restless leg syndrome was gone.

Cyndi: So you’re off the medication?

Ola: Off the medication.

Cyndi: Everything is better?

Ola: Everything is better.

Cyndi: What was it like the whole procedure for you?

Ola: The procedure was very easy. It’s right in the office, it takes, really within 30 minutes you’re in and out, and no pain, you feel a couple little pricks from the procedure but other than that there is no pain. You get up and you walk out.

Cyndi: Look at you know. Way to go.

Ola: It’s great.

Cyndi: I’m sure a lot of people are thinking, wow, I just thought if I had varicose veins that’s why I would come to you and it would be something I could physically see, but there’s so many other underlying issues that you could have and get relief from.

Dr. Wazni: Correct. A sign is the veins, but the symptoms are pain, aching, swelling, restless leg, and so forth.

Cyndi: Now what about those who are watching right now thinking okay this is me, I’ve had restless leg syndrome for a long time or I’ve had varicose veins, but this is something that’s cosmetic and then I can’t afford it.

Dr. Wazni: If they’re troubled by their veins then they are medical necessity, they should see a vein doctor, and it is covered by all insurance Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, all the carriers.

Cyndi: And, Ola, are you finding that you’re showing your legs a little bit more now that you’ve had this procedure?

Ola: It is no problem. It is no problem. It is so comfortable and, I mean, this used to start at like two in the afternoon, and now you can just get dressed, go out, and not have to worry about it anymore. Not take the pills anymore.

Cyndi: Well we are thrilled for you.

Ola: I am too, thank you.

Cyndi: Thank you for sharing your story, and Dr. Wazni as well, thank you. You can see the dates for the upcoming screenings on your screen right now, and for more information you can call 1-800-Vein-Doc or go to the website UnitedVeinsCenters.com and make your appointment today. If you have any questions at all. Thank you both again.

Ola: Thank you.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you.

Cyndi: We’ll be right back.