Top 3 Questions Asked at the Vein Center

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The vein doctors at United Vein Centers help thousands of patients each year to maintain vein health. We’ve discovered that there are several key questions that people want answered before undergoing treatment at the vein center. These excellent questions include:

Does a sedentary lifestyle cause vein disease?

Lack of exercise is a key contributing factor that makes anyone vulnerable to vein disease, but it’s not the only cause in most cases. There are usually a number of factors that have combined to cause vein problems in most vein center patients. Some cannot be prevented, like aging and genetic predisposition. Other important factors are under individual control, including getting regular exercise. No matter if you are genetically inclined to suffer from weak veins, regular workouts can still reduce your chances of serious circulatory problems.

To maintain vein health, be sure to exercise daily. The fact that you exercise is more important than the specific type you choose to do. It is the movement that is important. You need a healthy heart to pump blood through your blood vessels to nourish your body. You also need strong muscles to help blood circulate, especially to help the blood fight gravity as it moves from your legs back up to your heart and lungs.

Could I have vein disease without realizing it?

Many people experience no telltale symptoms, especially early in the progression of vascular disease. That’s why it is crucial to visit a Tampa vein clinic for a check up. The vein center has diagnostic tools like Duplex ultrasound, providing a quick and painless way for your Florida vein doctor to evaluate your vein condition. Tampa vascular surgeons will also do a physical exam and take your medical history into account. If you have varicose veins or another type of vein problem, your vein specialist will create a customized treatment plan just for you, based on all this information.

Is vein clinic treatment a permanent varicose vein solution?

Tampa vein treatments can permanently eradicate your existing problem veins, but if you are genetically prone to vein problems and if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, new vascular problems may occur. For instance, you may get new varicose veins in the same area previously treated or other areas. In the months or years ahead, you may need to return to the vein clinic for additional minimally invasive procedures to take care of any new vein disease. In some cases, it takes more than one visit for sclerotherapy or other vein treatment to completely rid you of the current vein problem. This is convenient to do since aach treatment is typically quick, requiring little to no down time.

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