Testimonial – Debra

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Vein Care Testimonial – Debra


Interviewer: Does this sound familiar? Bulging veins, cramping, pain, and swelling in your legs? Well, that could point to vein disease, but the thought of undergoing surgery is a little intimidating isn’t it? What if I told you that you could get those varicose veins treated by laser with no pain, no down time? Just ask our next guest, Deborah Sepinsky who is here with Dr. Gamal Wazni from the United Vein Centers. Great to see you both. Judging by the smile on your face, I take it you are pain free now.

Deborah Sepinsky: Yes, I am.

Interviewer: All right. Before we get to all of that, Dr. Wazni, tell me about what Mrs. Sepinksy’s legs were like when she came in. What was she complaining about?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: When Mrs. Sepinksy came in, she was complaining of pain and aching in her legs, heaviness, bulging veins and also leg cramps that were just waking her up at night.

Interviewer: And how long had you been experiencing this?

Deborah Sepinsky: At least 10 years.

Interviewer: Ten years? That’s a long time to be in pain. Were you able to sleep? What were your limitations because of all this?

Deborah Sepinsky: They would wake me up during the evening when I was sleeping. I just had a…just terrible.

Interviewer: And after, did you have six treatments? After sex treatments, how are you feeling now?

Deborah Sepinsky: I feel great. Really great.

Interviewer: You can sleep again?

Deborah Sepinsky: I can sleep again. I can walk.

Interviewer: You can walk. I mean, these are things that we take for granted, don’t we?

Deborah Sepinsky: Yes. Yes.

Interviewer: Dr. Wazni, what did you do? What miracle did you perform to get her feeling so much better?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: She had six bad veins. Three on each side, and they’re right under the skin. We put little laser fibers in these veins and burned them closed. When we burned them closed, her problems went away.

Interviewer: Did you ever think something as simple as that and something pain free as that could make you feel this good?

Deborah Sepinsky: No.

Interviewer: Just like that. So, let’s talk about something that I don’t think we’ve actually talked about before. Is this condition inheritable?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: Yes.

Interviewer: It is?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: Most patients inherit this from their parents or grandparents. So if you take a look at them and where their veins are that’s most likely where you’ll end up.

Interviewer: So did you have family members that had these issues in the past?

Deborah Sepinsky: Yes. My mom and my grandparents.

Interviewer: Both?

Deborah Sepinsky: Mh-mmm.

Interviewer: So when you started feeling this pain, did you think “Well geez, I should get this looked at”. Why did you let it go for 10 years?

Deborah Sepinsky: Insurance probably. Mostly.

Interviewer: You thought it wouldn’t even be covered?

Deborah Sepinsky: Right.

Interviewer: So you were living with a lot of…Where was the pain in the back?

Deborah Sepinsky: Mostly in the…I was a school bus driver and just driving a lot too was a lot.

Interviewer: So when she found out that, “Hallelujah! Insurance covers this”. First of all, what was your reaction?

Deborah Sepinsky: I was just so happy.

Interviewer: And this is, in all cases right?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: It is. It is. Most insurances covers this such as Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Care. All the payers will cover this.

Interviewer: So, what do you say to people who might be sitting at home watching this who might be feeling a little bit of pain but aren’t sure what it is?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: See a vein doctor. Get a vein screening done and find out if it’s vein disease.

Interviewer: And with six treatments, is she completely healed? Completely done?

Dr. Gamal Wazni: She’s healed. Mrs. Sepinsky, how do you feel?

Deborah Sepinsky: I feel great.
Interviewer: See that, I mean come on.

Deborah Sepinsky: I would recommend it to anyone.

Interviewer: You would recommend it to anyone? Of course. And you’re back to driving your school bus?

Deborah Sepinsky: No. I’m retired.

Interviewer: Oh, you’re retired? Well good for you! Good for you! Now you can just go out dancing.

Deborah Sepinsky: Now, I’m just enjoying my life.

Interviewer: Good for you. Well congratulations. It’s another happy patient.

Dr. Gamal Wazni: Yes.

Interviewer: Glad you’re feeling better Mrs. Sepinsky. All right.

Deborah Sepinsky: Thank you.

Interviewer: If you would like more information on any of this, just give Dr. Wazni at 1-800-VEIN-DOC. Just that simple. Or head to his website UnitedVeinCenters.com. And we’ll be right back with more Daytime right after this.