Testimonial – Bonnie

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Vein Treatment Testimonial – Bonnie

Interviewer: Is leg discomfort affecting your life? Pain, swelling, itching, heaviness. All of these symptoms could point to varicose veins. A diagnosis our next guest knows all about. Bonnie Conti is here with Dr. Gamal Wazni from the United Vein Centers to tell us her story. Hi Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hi.

Interviewer: And welcome back Dr. Wazni.

Dr. Wazni: Thank You.

Interviewer: Okay. Dr. Wazni. Let’s first talk about Bonnie’s problem from the beginning.

Dr. Wazni: Bonnie came in to see us with leg pain, aching, and swelling. Along with itching that occurred after long shifts at work.

Interviewer: Okay, let’s talk about how that was affecting your work and what you were doing to relieve that pain.

Bonnie: Lot of Motrin, Naproxen, and just…It depends on how bad it was. I mean sometimes at night I would wake up and it would come back. Can’t make it go away. Just gotta wait it out.

Interviewer: What kind of work were you doing?

Bonnie: I unload trucks, and I sort mail. I’m on my feet all day.

Interviewer: Oh boy, so this must have been really debilitating for you.

Bonnie: Some days, some days. It wasn’t every day but when it happened it was bad.

Interviewer: Okay and that started how long ago?

Bonnie: Somewhere between 25 and 30 age. I’m 47 now so about 20 some years.

Interviewer: So that’s something you’ve been putting up with for a long time.

Bonnie: Yes, Ma’am.

Interviewer: Okay Dr. Wazni when you saw Bonnie did you know right away what the issue was?

Dr. Wazni: Well, when Bonnie presented to us…We have a picture of her legs when she presented. We saw the typical bulging veins so it looked like she had vein disease, and she told us her story of pain, aching, swelling, itching and that sounded like vein disease. So, yes, we were able to find the vein disease and fix it.

Interviewer: What if she had not come to you? What if she had just let it go?

Dr. Wazni: Her problems would have gotten worse, and she could have possibly developed skin damage such as ulcers or blood clots.

Interviewer: So what was the procedure like Bonnie?

Bonnie: It was nothing like what I expected. He kind of explained it and it sounded okay but actually going through it…I always had this fear because I’ve had surgery before. I had shoulder surgery and thinking this is the length of my leg I didn’t want anybody cutting me and that much of me. They don’t do that with lasers. This was done with lasers, and I mean the same day you walk to your car, you drive home, you’re done. The biggest nuisance was a compression sock for a few days and take that off and it’s all better.

Interviewer: And I noticed you’re sporting some shorts right now and looking really good. How has this changed your life?

Bonnie: I don’t hurt anymore at all. Used to be around family at the house maybe shorts, but I’d never go anywhere without long pants or dark hose. And I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I just throw on what I feel like.

Interviewer: And I know that when you’re in pain it zaps your energy. Has this changed everything about your life?

Bonnie: A lot. A lot, yeah.

Interviewer: Do you feel more energetic because you don’t have to take Motrin and keep getting pain?

Bonnie: Yeah, a lot, a lot. I mean, I have other issues. I have to lose some weight. So but my legs don’t hurt and that’s a huge milestone.

Interviewer: I know a lot of people think that this is something that’s just cost prohibitive that they can’t afford to do this. Then they choose to live with it.

Dr. Wazni: Correct. When I was speaking with Ms. Conti, she had mentioned that for 20 years she didn’t want to fix this because she thought it wasn’t covered by her insurance. And then when I explained that her insurance will cover it, she was happy to hear that.

Bonnie: Very Happy.

Interviewer: I was a little surprised when I heard about itching being a symptom. You know you think of
swelling and pain.

Bonnie: It’s not something you can scratch. It’s kinda in there. You know? That’s the best way to describe it. It’s like itching. It’s almost like when your leg goes to sleep and the pins and needles.

Interviewer: So it was tingly?

Bonnie: Sort of like that and you just can’t get it. You just have to wait it out.

Dr. Wazni: Yes.

Interviewer: Another symptom of varicose vein disease.

Dr. Wazni: It is another symptom.

Interviewer: Alright well you can see dates for upcoming screenings right there on your screen, right now. Big thank you to Bonnie and Dr. Wazni and if you can relate to Bonnie’s story, give Dr. Wasnee a call at 1-800-VEIN-DOC or head to his website UnitedVeinCenters.com. Thank you both very much.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Interviewer: We’ll be right back.