Four Signs of a Good Vascular Surgeon

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A vascular surgeon can get rid of your varicose veins and spider veins, putting an end to what could have been years of embarrassment about their appearance on your body or even discomfort. When you finally decide to get vein treatment from a vascular surgeon, you may find that you do not know how to select one. Following are four signs of a good vascular surgeon.

1. The vascular surgeon is board certified.

All vascular surgeons are medical doctors, and they have gone through residencies after medical school, just like other kinds of physicians. Another qualification to look for before choosing a vein clinic in Florida is the doctor’s board certifications and professional memberships. These can indicate a minimum amount of experience and continued work in the field, and also may require that the vascular surgeon keep up to date on new developments in vein treatment. Our doctor, Dr. Gamal Wazni, is board-certified with nearly a decade of experience in the specialized medical field of diagnosing and treating vein disease

2. The vein doctor has plenty of experience.

With something as hands-on as Tampa vein treatment, experience is an important trait when choosing a vascular surgeon. Vascular surgeons with years of experience may be able to find and treat your varicose and spider veins almost in their sleep. This lowers your risk of side effects and pain with treatment, and increases the chances of having effective treatment.

This does not mean that every older Florida vein doctor is better than every younger one. In addition to looking at years of experience, ask about a day in the life of the surgeon. Ideally, you want a surgeon who treats varicose and spider veins day in and day out, without putting much time and energy into other conditions that are not relevant to your needs.

3. The vascular surgeon offers the treatment you need.

When you go to a vein clinic, you want treatment that works. The field of varicose and vein treatment has become far more complex than simple vein stripping. There are different techniques for different sized veins, and you want to choose a vascular surgeon that regularly performs the procedure you need. This can include microphlebectomy for medium sized varicose veins, ultrasound guided scelerotherapy for smaller varicose veins and spider veins, pulsed laser therapy for smaller spider veins, and endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) for larger varicose veins.

4. The positive reviews are abundant.

Between word of mouth recommendations, recommendations from your primary care doctor or other healthcare providers, and online reviews, you should be able to find a good amount of information on vascular surgeons and what people think of them. Asking friends and colleagues and talking to your healthcare provider can give you credible information on potential vascular surgeons. Online reviews are not always as credible, but they are abundant. By looking at them critically, you can gather more information about where to go for your Florida vein treatment.