Dr. Wazni of United Vein Centers Visits Health Advisors WFLA

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Correspondent: We are here with doctor Jamal Wazni. He is the Founder of the United Centers. Welcome, doctor.

Dr. Wazni: Thank you.

Correspondent: Nice to have you here. Let’s talk, first of all, about the problems caused by unattended veins.
Dr. Wazni: Unattended veins can lead to leg heaviness, aching, swelling, even leg cramps and restless legs.

Correspondent: All right. How are symptoms like that treated?

Dr. Wazni: We treat veins with special medical lasers that have allowed our patients actually to return to work or activities immediately.

Correspondent: Now a lot of people are going to want to know if insurance covers this kind of treatment.

Dr. Wazni: Yes, because varicose veins lead to health problems and discomfort, it’s covered by Medicare and most health insurance.

Correspondent: How do we know if we have vein disease?

Dr. Wazni: See a vein doctor and they will conduct what’s called a vein screening, that will allow you and your physician to know if you have vein disease.

Correspondent: All right. Good stuff. Thank you so much, doctor. For more information, all you have to do is go to the website on your screen which is UnitedVeinCenters.com or you can call 800-VEIN-DOC, and Dr. Wazni will give you a free vein screening.