Different Vein Treatment Options

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If you struggle with spider veins and/or varicose veins, you may deal with embarrassment because of the appearance of your abnormal veins, as well as discomfort in the affected area. Fortunately, a variety of vein treatments are available to help patients resolve these conditions.

About Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Spider veins are small veins that typically appear in web-like formations close to the surface of the skin. These veins appear blue, red or purple in color. They are common on the legs, chest, face, and neck, but they can appear anywhere. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are larger, gnarled veins that have become dilated because of venous insufficiency. Varicose veins are most common on the legs, and they may be located deep within the tissues, or they may be swollen above the skin’s surface. Varicose veins often cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as burning, tingling, numbness, and cramping.

Spider Vein Treatments

Two main types of spider vein treatments are available: transdermal laser treatment and sclerotherapy. Transdermal laser treatment uses pulsed light energy to close off spider veins and eliminate them. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into the spider veins that causes them to collapse.

Varicose Vein Treatments

A variety of varicose vein treatments are available, but some of the most popular treatments are ambulatory phlebectomy and endovenous laser treatment. Ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves removing the abnormal veins through small incisions made in the skin. Endovenous laser treatment, on the other hand, uses an ultrasound-guided laser to treat the inside of the varicose veins with laser energy. While ambulatory phlebectomy is best for veins located close to the surface of the skin, endovenous laser treatment is effective even on those veins located deep within the tissues.

If you are struggling with abnormal veins, effective treatments are available. Please contact United Vein Centers today to make an appointment with an experienced vein doctor and discuss your treatment options.