Choosing the Best Vascular Surgeon for Your Needs

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For anyone with vein disease, surgery may be necessary. Having varicose veins is not only unsightly, but it can cause leg pain, restlessness, aching, and other issues. By selecting a vascular surgeon who understands the causes of problem veins and who is able to use a number of different treatments to improve the condition, it is possible for people who need vein surgery to look and feel better. However, getting the right doctor matters. Some are more comfortable with certain types of treatments than others, and there are treatments that work better for particular patients.

What Can a Vascular Surgeon Offer?

A vascular surgeon can offer hope for people who struggle with varicose and spider veins, and can provide treatment that will reduce or eliminate these problems. There are often underlying conditions that cause these issues to occur, and getting to the bottom of those issues is also very important. In some cases, treatment for other problems such as high blood pressure must be handled first, before varicose vein treatment can take place. A vascular surgeon can help patients find the help they need for other problems that can contribute to vein issues, so that treating their varicose veins will have a higher level of long term success.

Choosing a Vein Treatment That Works

There are a number of vein treatments to be considered. In the past, many surgeons would actually cut into the body and “strip” the veins out. That was effective, but it could be painful and leave scars. There was also an infection risk. With newer treatments, radio frequencies, gels, and lasers are used to destroy the damaged vein, which is then reabsorbed by the body. This is much less invasive, and is also virtually painless. In addition, the risk of infection is minimal and the patient can usually go back to work within just a few days. By working with the right vascular doctor, these types of treatments can help anyone with vein issues look and feel much better.