Caught in the Web of Spider Veins? We offer Quick, Effective Treatment

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Spider veins come about due to blood backing up in the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) just beneath the skin’s surface. Some people refer to them as broken capillaries. Spider vein treatment destroys these tiny vessels and improves the appearance of your skin.

Why Do I Get Spider Veins? Can I Prevent Them?

Spider veins are caused by many of the same conditions as larger varicose veins. Particularly common causes of spider veins include:

Sun exposure

How to avoid: Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. If you can, avoid spending significant time in direct sun during the midday hours, when the rays are strongest. Certain medications can make you more sun-sensitive than you normally are, so be extra careful with sun exposure when taking these to avoid sunburn and spider veins. Your physician or pharmacist will typically warn you when prescribing, or the warning will be listed on the accompanying literature.

Hormonal fluctuation

This is obviously unavoidable in most cases. Fluctuations occur during puberty, when taking birth control pills, as well as during menopause and pregnancy. If you develop spider veins and/or varicose veins due to pregnancy, for example, wait and observe them after giving birth. If they haven’t disappeared by about 3 months after you’ve given birth—see your vein doctor in Tampa for quick and virtually pain free spider vein treatment.


How to avoid: Don’t be rough with your skin. Repeated rough treatment, like washing with harsh skin cleansers or using rough facial clothes can lead to capillary damage. Some people are more susceptible to this damage than others, particularly those with sensitive or light skin. As for accidental injuries, you can’t always avoid accidents, such as a ball hitting you in the cheek when playing catch with your kids. These accidents can cause spider veins to appear in response since the injury causes pressure within the capillaries, which can create spider veins. 

Other causes include:

Heredity, obesity, and jobs where you must be on your feet most of the time, including: hair stylists, teachers, food servers, nurses and factory workers. In addition, wearing clothing that constricts blood flow to your legs can cause pressure that leads to spider veins and varicose veins.

Treating Spider Veins

Spider vein treatment options include sclerotherapy and a variety of laser treatments. Your vein specialist will recommend the best treatment option(s) for your particular spider veins. Treatment choices depend upon how widespread the spider veins are, where they are and other factors.

Get Expert Treatment for Spider Veins in Tampa

If webs of spider veins on your legs, ankles or face are inconveniencing you or limiting your lifestyle, we can help. Make an appointment for spider vein treatment at our Tampa vein clinic. We’ll help you say goodbye to annoying spider veins. Contact United Vein Centers today.